Tracing Individuals

At Best Practice Investigations we provide a comprehensive worldwide tracing service.

We recognise that this service can be applicable to business, the legal industry and our private clients. The subject that you seek could be a long lost family member, a key witness in a pending court matter, an ex employee or a debtor for outstanding invoices.

Whatever your needs, we can help!

As with all our services, we will endeavour to discuss the case with the prospective client to understand the background and as far as necessary understand the intended goal. We would then advise of the best approach from a legal perspective. We will also advise on the best approach from an economical perspective to achieve the outcome.

In agreement with our client we would look to set an investigation plan to try and achieve the outcome – whilst ensuring that you, our client, are aware of what we are doing, why we are doing it and when you can expect a result.

What sets us apart from our competitors at Best Practice Investigations, is that we offer a staged approach to the costing of trace enquiries rather than providing a fixed fee for an entire investigation. Therefore, as a client you will only pay for the stages of the enquiry that are necessary to get to a successful outcome. This approach leads to an improvement in communication between ourselves and you, and a better understanding for you of progress and costings as we move forwards.

There are a number of considerations in this type of case so please do not hesitate and call us today to discuss your needs.

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