Safeguarding in Sport

At Best Practice Investigations, Safeguarding generally and notably Safeguarding in Sport is an area that we operate and have significant expertise.

Our Managing Director was formerly a regional lead in this key area in the Metropolitan Police and we can now passionately bring this to the private sector and boast leading clients in the sporting industry across the UK.

Our Managing Director is a member of the National Safeguarding Panel for Sport Resolutions.

Let us firstly look at some key areas that we can assist with before showing examples of case studies and success.

    • Reviews – The key here is independence. We can support sporting organisations, Clubs and National Governing Bodies by conducting comprehensive reviews of your Safeguarding policies and provisions. We highlight areas of good practice and where applicable areas requiring improvement to ensure compliance and manage risk to individuals and your organisation. These are conducted to our clients requirements, either as a one off service or a retained basis.
    • Investigations – We provide Safeguarding investigations primarily in Sport but also in other key safeguarding areas such as Nursing or Care Homes and Local Authorities. As expert investigators we work with sporting organisations to manage and investigate allegations of abuse within sport. This can be in relation to current cases, cold case investigations or reviewing the management of an historical case.
    • Training – At Best Practice Investigations we work exclusively in conjunction with Keys to Safeguarding to provide a comprehensive offering around all areas of Safeguarding learning and development. As a company they are managed by an ex Metropolitan Police Detective whose experience and knowledge across all facets of Safeguarding shine through in their training packages both online and in person. Where necessary we would refer to specific courses or training packages offered by Keys to Safeguarding within our recommendations and outcomes when undertaking investigations or reviews as documented above.

Where do we operate in Safeguarding?

The answer to this question is where there is a need. We have retained contracts with leading Premier League football clubs in providing independent investigations to their Safeguarding Departments. We provide independent investigative support to National Governing Bodies of multiple sports across the UK.

Our Managing Director was selected to be on the National Safeguarding Panel at Sport Resolutions, a body who are at the forefront of regulation and arbitration in sport across the world – reflective of the high esteem in which they are held. Furthermore we have provided a full investigation and review of policy to large independent care facilities and local authorities across the UK in the care sector.

We are passionate about this area of work and would love to work with you to protect you.

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