Workplace Investigations Services

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Best Practices

We have worked with multiple businesses of varying size, from small local businesses to international corporations to assist with a number of internal workplace investigations. Our personable approach will allow you to have expert investigators on hand to intervene, act and reassuringly offer advice.

Employee Investigations

At Best Practice Investigations we are very experienced in dealing and advising on issues arising with employees.

This may start from the outset in terms of background checking of prospective employees. We may also be utilised in terms of concerns around employees behaviour within the workplace – such as regarding dishonest actions concerning finances, sickness or time keeping. These workplace investigations can be conducted in an overt or covert manner as either dictated by the requirements of the case or your preference as our client. We will always seek to establish your requirements with employee investigations and work within the confines of these.

HR Investigations

At Best Practice Investigations we are experienced in investigations in relation to HR matters in the workplace.
We can provide expert investigations into accidents in the workplace. This investigation could involve witness statements to CPR compliant standard, scene visit – to include photographing and preparation of a sketch plan, CCTV analysis, and forensic analysis. Our enquiries would ensure that a fully evidenced and documented investigation would be completed to allow for your HR department or relevant personnel to be in the strongest position to make a decision on dealing with the case.

Contact us today and let us assist your company to safeguard and protect your name, reputation and future.