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How to hire a private investigator

The first and most important part if you are interested  in the process to hire a private investigator is to get in touch with a private investigation expert.  We would encourage all potential clients to do this at the earliest opportunity so that we can talk your needs through, put your mind at rest if necessary, and establish a plan of action.   This initial conversation, which may only be a five minute phone conversation is vital to the process.   We are an open, genuine and honest company and will give you the same in our viewpoint on your situation.   It may be that we do not consider that you require our services, but we may advise you to seek answers from other sources, to ensure you get the best possible result.

We will discuss your needs and advise you on the applicable legal or ethical considerations ensuring that you understand our opinions throughout before you hire a private investigator.

Whether you are an individual trying to trace a missing person, a nationwide business trying to reduce crime or a local solicitor in need of supporting evidence for a case, we will always set out an investigation plan and explain the intention of each area to you as you hire a private investigator.   If specialist equipment or services are required, such as forensic examination of computer equipment or covert surveillance this process will again be explained and the results that can be expected will be advised.

How long will my case take and what will I receive if I hire a private detective?

Every case that we take on is unique, and there fore requires a bespoke plan to uncover the evidence you seek.  We will advise you from the outset of our expectations of how long it will take to obtain a result for you.  As with all areas of our business we will communicate and keep you updated as to the progress of every area of your case.

At the conclusion of the case you will receive a thorough report documenting our enquiries, coupled with any relevant witness statements, images, video footage or other supporting evidence.   We will be in a position, if required, to provide advice about what you do with the information we obtain for you, such as presenting it to the Police or other relevant authorities, seeking legal advice or similar.

How much will it cost to hire a private investigator?

Our investigation costs are calculated based on an hourly rate depending on the nature of the enquiries involved.   Where possible we will propose a fixed rate for the entire job from the outset so that you are aware of what the total cost will be.

We will communicate with you throughout our involvement so that you are aware as the case progresses of the costings, ensuring that there are no hidden costs for you.