Good news story – People Tracing

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Good news story – People Tracing

For our new latest news section here at Best Practice Investigations we thought we would share with our readers a recent people tracing investigation that we undertook that had a rewarding ending.

As a Private Investigation company we are approached by clients from the legal industry, business sector and from private individuals.   Our clients usually find us via our marketing, repeat clients or the old fashioned word of mouth.

We were recently approached by an elderly overseas client from mainland Europe keen to use our people tracing service.   The client had a fascinating life story.   This included living in the UK about 60 years ago, during which time they had befriended a female and had a close relationship.   Sadly he was forced to return to his homeland after a couple of years and given the nature of the times they were not able to keep in touch.

The elderly male has a life threatening illness and had a wish to speak to the female before his end.

We had a maiden name, an estimated age and an area that she had lived when they met 60 years ago.

We were able to search a series of databases, including Land Registry, electoral roll, and marriage registers to identify a possible two persons who could be the female subject, one who had deceased and one who resided in southern England.

We arranged for the address of the living subject to be attended and the female was spoken to.   She was delighted at finding out that the client had asked for our people tracing service to try and find her and agreed to her information being shared.   The two have now spoken via email and on the phone to their mutual delight.

A wonderful ending that we believe may make a great film in the future!!   We have not decided which actor would play the role of our private investigator just yet.

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