Why choose BPI for your surveillance needs?

Surveillance broadly falls into two categories, which remains the same, whether you are enquiring as an individual, Solicitor or on behalf of a company. The two categories are Static and Mobile. We are in a position to provide both services and will discuss your needs and advise accordingly as to the best tactic to obtain the covert footage to assist your case.
We will discuss the legal considerations of any planned operation together with any relevant moral issues. We would only proceed with an instruction if it complied with our strict codes of conduct, at the forefront of which is the activity being proportional and legal. We would ensure that you were fully understanding of these considerations before any work were undertaken.

Is Surveillance for you?

Surveillance is applicable to all of our investigation services whether these are for individuals, businesses or the legal industry. We would always encourage our clients to consider certain key questions when deciding on proceeding with this option.

  • What are your intentions and what are you hoping to achieve?
  • Would a positive result from it save you money?
  • Would Surveillance potentially make you money?
  • Will it potentially protect you or your company?
  • Could the Surveillance enhance you or your company?

Ultimately, the Surveillance needs to either result in a positive outcome for you or your company, or in preventing a negative outcome otherwise it is unlikely to be the best tactical option to proceed with.
The key is to call us, discuss your needs, and allow us to help and advise accordingly.

What will you receive and how much will it cost?

Every Surveillance task that we undertake is unique. There will always be different elements, such as the location, the movement of the subject whilst they are observed, the timings of the operation led by information provided by the client, the requirement for specialist equipment. The result is that the cost of our Surveillance services will vary.
However, we would always ensure that from the outset you are aware of the costs that are to be incurred. We would ensure that you are kept updated throughout your dealing with our company to the level that you require, which will ensure that you are not met at the end of our involvement with an unexpected bill.

At the conclusion of our involvement you can expect to receive a fully documented report together with any relevant supporting evidence such as video footage and witness statements.

If you are in need of our surveillance services, please get in touch to arrange a discussion where you can receive more information about what we would do for you.