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Why choose us for a missing person investigation?

We do not rely only on databases to provide you with unsubstantiated results like many sites will offer you when people tracing. We will always ensure that as investigators we can give you credible evidenced results by visiting persons whether covertly or openly to confirm the information that we provide you. Through our network of colleagues we are able to provide a worldwide people tracing service to corroborate our findings anywhere across the globe at a cost effective rate.

This service is available to all our potential clients, be it an individual, Solicitor or Company. It could be a long lost relative, a key witness to a pending court case, or a debtor owing money. Each case will be understood, fully planned, and an investigation plan set out to ensure that all possible lines of enquiry are covered to effectively trace a missing person.

What should I do next?

The simple answer is to contact us. We will assess your needs and give an initial overview of your case and actions that we can undertake to trace a missing person. This initial call will allow us to understand your case and if necessary advise on any legal or moral considerations in your needs. It may be that we would consider it a matter that should be reported in the first instance to the Police or other authority, such as Social Services, and we will assist you in fulfilling that requirement.

How much will it cost and what will I receive at the end?

Our tracing missing persons service is bespoke from case to case. The cost of our enquiries can vary dependent on a number of areas, such as how much information we are initially provided by you about the subject, the geographical location of any enquiries, and the urgency of the enquiry.

We will however always seek to provide you with a fixed fee for our people tracing service from the outset and will always ensure that you are kept as up to date as you desire so that there are no unexpected costs for you.

At the conclusion of our dealings you will receive a thorough report documenting all our enquiries together with any supporting evidence such as images and witness statements.
Contacts us today and let us advise and support you to a positive outcome.