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Private Investigation for Individuals

At Best Practice Investigations we consider our role is to provide you as an individual with the support and help you need – to find that information that you are seeking.   The simple answer to how we do this, is that we listen to you, understand you, advise you, and act for you.   Let us explain some key areas of the overall service that we provide for you as Private Investigation for Individuals.

What Private Investigation Services can we help you with?

There is a straight forward answer to this question…………….anything.    We provide a private investigation service where we provide you with answers to information you don’t know where to find, how to find, or if you can find.   We have a list of Private Investigation Services for Individuals which shows examples of our services but these are certainly not exhaustive.

  • Missing Person investigations
  • Marital dispute/ Cheating spouse
  • Defence Case Work
  • Neighbourhood Disputes
  • Background Checks
  • Neighbourhood Area Checks

These are the most typical areas that we receive enquiries in relation to from Individuals looking for private investigation services.   We specialise in all these areas because we specialise in investigation and communication.

Where in the country can we help you?

There is a straight forward answer to this question……………anywhere.  In fact we can offer you a worldwide Private Investigation for Individuals Service if required.

As a company we are based centrally in Cheshire, however we have a network of vetted and trusted investigators across the globe that we can call on to carry out enquiries on our behalf.   They are relied upon and we ensure that they provide the same level of professionalism and service that we demand.

We would just urge you to contact us and we will help and advise you.

When can we help you?

Without continuing the theme, the answer to this is……………anytime.    We do not work set hours, we work to the needs of our clients and our investigations.

We will tailor our enquiries to the needs of the investigation and that will dictate when enquiries are done, whether this be at a weekend, the middle of the night or Christmas Day.

Individual Invesgtigation

How much will it cost and what will I receive in the end?

The cost of each case will be discussed from the outset and you will not be in the dark as to what the cost or likely cost will be before proceeding with the case.   There are factors that will affect the cost such as the nature of the work, whether specialist equipment or services are required, geographical location, specific timings required on a case – however we will ensure that you are aware of these from the outset.   Where possible we will provide you with a fixed cost for an enquiry.   If this is not possible then we will ensure that you are updated as frequently as you request in relation to the ongoing cost.

You will receive a comprehensive report at the conclusion of the case together with any relevant supporting evidence.    Throughout the enquiry we will be aware of your intended use of the information we provide and can advise you accordingly, such as presenting to local police, solicitors or other areas.

Let Best Practice Investigations help you, call us today.