Corporate Investigation Services

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At Best Practice Investigations we see our role as supporting and protecting your business with our investigation services. This support may be in terms of finding out information for you, or safeguarding your working environment, or protecting the future of your company.

Whichever area it falls into, you can be assured that you will be dealing with a professional and approachable investigation company which we hope will lead to a successful and long standing business relationship.

Why would your company need an Independent Investigation Service?

We offer a number of services that are specific to this industry where the aim is to provide the client with answers or information that will ultimately benefit the status of their company.

This benefit may be financially, whether in a gain or avoiding a loss, in areas such as tracing persons owing money to you, surveillance of an employee believed to be fraudulently claiming sick pay, or investigating allegations of accidents in a workplace to avoid a lawsuit.

This benefit may also be in enhancing the status of the company, such as risk management of a current working policy or intended policy, or background checking of all employees.

Please see an example of corporate investigation services here, and please see here for specific services in relation to Care Home Investigation Services.

About Us

How do we find the information and what do you receive at the end?

We offer a range of investigation services and from the outset we would discuss your company’s needs and consider the case on an individual basis.

If relevant, we will advise you in relation to the legal and ethical issues in respect of how the information can be obtained. We will always ensure that you are aware throughout the process of what actions we are taking and the intended outcome of that action.

We have access to a vast array of services, including forensic examination, computing, and covert techniques that can be used as appropriate.

At the conclusion of the investigation you will receive a fully documented report together with any applicable accompanying evidence such as witness statements, video footage, and exhibits. We would simply ask you to call us and discuss your needs and let us impress you with our approach, solutions and ultimately results.

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